How Harmful Are Your Dirty Carpets For You

Carpets can make your home look luxurious, classy, and amazing. But, do you know carpets can also cause serious health concerns? Well, that’s right, many health issues such as allergies, skin irritation, breathing problems, etc. These can happen to anyone if the carpets are dirty and have not been cleaned for a long time. 

Dirty Carpets For You
Dirty Carpets For You

Here are some of how a dirty carpet can be harmful to you. Let’s check in a discreet manner-

1. Dust can cause allergies

Your carpet is a great source of dust and dirt as it accumulates if you’re not doing regular cleaning. There can be an issue of dust, pet dander, hair, and dust mites from the accumulated dirt on the carpet. One thing that every homeowner must know is that the accumulated allergens and dust on the carpet. It can cause serious allergies. 

When a person inhales dirty indoor air, it gets into their lungs and causes allergies which ultimately results in lungs red eyes, or a runny nose. This happens because of the allergies that occurred due to a dirty carpet. Dust buildup in your carpet can easily trigger an allergy. Therefore, it is always recommended to do a regular dry carpet process. As it helps in removing the dirt and dust from the carpets.

2. Spread of bacteria

One of the most harmful effects of a dirty carpet is that there will be a spread of bacteria in the indoor environment. This will make you and your family more sensitive to allergens, bacteria, and viruses. When the carpet is dirt and has accumulated a lot of dust then there will be a spread of bacteria and other viruses through the carpet.

This will increase the chances of infections, breathing problems, and allergies. This mainly happens because of different types of infectious elements and allergens etc. Thus, it is always better to keep your carpet clean to avoid such harmful effects on health due to dirty carpets.

In case you find difficulty in cleaning your carpet regularly then you can also contact the professionals to do the Carpet Cleaning. They make the environment clean and safe by taking good care of the carpets.

3. Dirty indoor air

If there are dirt, dust, pollens, and allergens on your carpet then it’s obvious that the indoor air will also get affected. When you inhale dirty and contaminated indoor air, it affects your respiratory system and causes issues of skin irruption. Along with this, such indoor air is not good for toddlers and old age people living in the home.

Thus, it would be better to call professional Carpet Cleaning experts who can take care of the entire cleaning process with ease.


Dust, dust, and stains on the carpet not only make it look all ruined and dull but also cause harmful health effects. So, one needs to contact a professional’s carpet cleaners so that these health issues can be avoided. Expert cleaners ensure deep and effective cleaning of carpets….

How To Dry Carpet Fast After Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and drying can always be challenging tasks. You may have to spend your whole weekend getting this job done. When you succeed in removing the stains from your carpet, your job is partially done. Carpet restoration is on your way, to retain its smoothness is another challenge and the biggest of all is to make it dry to its original softness. Wetting your carpet can damage its fibres and even pose a worse effect if it does not dry faster after cleaning. Below are a few tips to dry carpet fast after cleaning –

  1. Air circulation – If the weather is favourable (like dry and hot outside) then an increase in air circulation can speed up drying. Opening doors and windows and switching on the fan to full rotations can increase the drying rate of carpet as hot moving air will sweep away the trapped moisture faster. If the weather is humid or cold then this may not work.
  1. Air conditioning – When point 1 fails you need to condition the air for drying out the carpet. Switch on AC unit, fan and dehumidifier with slit open window in humid weather. Just a gap in one window will let the bad odour escape. If the weather is cold then condition the air to hot with blowers and heaters and fans. Heated accelerated air will lead to faster drying of the carpet. Additional puffs of a hairdryer can be used for any circulation to speed up drying.
  1. Wet-vacuuming – If you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner then you might not have to go any other way. The wet suction function in your vacuum cleaner will do it all followed by fan drying for 6-8 hours afterwards. But as this machine is somewhat costly and only high power wet/dry vacuum is successful, you need to hire it for drying your carpet. 
  1. Bloating with towels – If the carpet is not drenching, rather limited wet then heavy towels can help. You can use old bathing towels for this purpose. Spread out the towels on the carpet and start walking over it, repeat by replacing the fresh towels once the previous ones got soaked with the carpet’s moisture.
  1. Baking powder – The baking powder trick always works even for drying out the carpet faster, provided you need a canister(s) of this chemical. Sprinkle ample amounts of baking powder over the wet carpet and leave it overnight or for 24hrs. Baking powder will soak the moisture from the carpet which can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner later. 

As drying out the carpet is really a cumbersome task and you have to look for carpet padding as well. Either you have to remove padding before cleaning the carpet or have to dry padding as well along the carpet. Then resetting the padding is again a task. If you aren’t able to organize all this stuff or you are tired of doing it single-handedly without any help then call in professional cleaners to do the job for you. They are experts with advanced tools and machinery that can do the job much faster and efficiently. Thus saving your precious weekend, carpet and hassle.


If your carpet is in need of a wash and you are looking for a local but professional cleaning firm then just dial us for assistance. We have five-star ratings and are known for the competent pricing. Choose the day and time of your choice or opt for same day cleaning services at wonder price quotes. Annual professional wash and restoration services along the wash can add more life to your carpet.