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Hire Benowa’s Best Mattress Cleaning Company For Stain Treatment, Steam Cleaning, Deodorization & Sanitisation

We are famous for an expert range of mattress cleaning services in Benowa. Our mattress cleaning Benowa experts are skilled in deep cleaning, stain removal, odour treatment and sanitization. On average, a mattress should serve you for 8-9 years before it needs to be replaced. However, this time may get reduced if you do not take care of your mattresses well. 

With our mattress cleaning services, you can be stress-free. We employ standard cleaning methods that effectively clean your mattresses, leaving them allergen and stain-free. For same day or emergency mattress cleaning bookings, simply call us at 07 4243 4965

Is Hiring a Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Worthy? 

Mattress cleaning is indeed a job of professionals. You can clean the mattress surface by regular vacuuming and dusting, but for a deep clean, it is ideal to report to a professional mattress cleaning service. Have a look at what benefits you can avail of by calling a professional to deep clean mattress for you. 

  • Hygienic Mattress: Experts can remove all allergen present on your dirty mattresses and make them clean, tidy and sanitised. 
  • Get Rid of Mites: A 5-year-old mattress can have thousands of dust mites. And on scheduling a professional mattress steam cleaning, you can get rid of dust mites too. 
  • Hard Stain Will Be Gone: By hiring a professional for mattress stain treatment, you can even get rid of stubborn stains that were impossible to remove by DIY methods. 
  • Mess-Free Mattress Cleaning: Performing a mattress cleaning treatment on yourself can get messy. But, with experts by your side, you can enjoy a systematic and clean approach to mattress cleaning. 

So, if you want to get your mattresses freshly cleaned, then do consider reaching out to professional Mattress Cleaning Benowa services. 

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise in Urine and Sweat Stain Removal in Benowa

Are you observing sweat stains on the mattress? Well, when you sleep on the mattress, your body leaves fluids, dead skin and sweat. Even sometimes your kids do urine on mattresses. All these things add to dirty and unhygienic mattresses. Therefore, we are here to cater for you with a professional mattress cleaning service. We clean urine from the mattress using eco-friendly solutions. Moreover, our experts remove urine stains from the mattress at an affordable price. So, if you want to remove sweat stains from the mattress, simply ring us on our toll-free number today. Our bookings are active round the clock in Benowa.

Our List Of Mattress Cleaning Services In Benowa

  • Mattress Steam Cleaning

A steam clean mattress is the finest answer for all your mattress cleaning issues, At higher temperature, water and cleaning solution is passed through the mattress in the form of steam. This process deep clean the mattress and gets rid of all allergens and stains from it. At last, you receive a sanitised and fresh smelling mattress.   

  • Mattress Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning your mattress is one of the easiest ways to clean dirty and old mattresses. Using our dry cleaning service, you can get rid of all the filth, bad odours and toxins from mattresses. Furthermore, you will be amazed by seeing the Mattress Cleaning Benowa results after we clean your mattress. 

  • Mattress Mould Removal

Mould on a mattress can damage both your mattress and health. Mould is a type of fungus that quickly spread and pose allergies and asthmatic issues. Our mattress cleaners employ the industry’s best methods to treat moulds. We are just a call away from making your mattress clean and mould-free. Call us now!

  • Mattress stain and odour removal

Our mattress stain removal expert is an expert at cleaning all types of stains. It’s common for mattresses to have stains and smells after a few years of use. But, it is really important to get rid of stains and smells by professional cleaning. We clean mattress stains using non-toxic solutions. Moreover, you can book us for a same day mattress stain removal service too. 

  • Dust mites treatment mattress

Dust mites grow in gloomy and moist surroundings and if your mattress often gets attacked by spills and stains, then we can help you with dust mite treatment service. We offer a customised dust mite treatment that is designed to kill all bugs and mites on your mattresses. 

  • Mattress sanitization

Sanitising mattresses is an important step to maintain a hygienic environment. We sterilise your mattress using the best-quality disinfectants. So, you can always rely on our Mattress Cleaning Benowa team for cost-effective mattress sanitization service. 

Process We Use To Make Your Mattress Clean and Tidy 

Our solid mattress cleaning process includes a 3 step approach to cleaning your mattress, i.e. inspection, cleaning and post-inspection. Check what you can expect from our Mattress Cleaning Benowa team below: 

  • Inspect Your Mattress: On reaching your place, we begin inspecting your mattress for cleaning needs. During the analysis, we look for stains, spots odours and other issues. 
  • Clean Your Mattress: Next, we share a cleaning action strategy. It can be steam cleaning or dry cleaning. After performing a clean using safe solutions, we treat all mattress stains and dry them. Later, we sanitise and disinfect your mattress and make it fresh and comfortable again. 
  • Re-inspection & Documentation: Lastly, we reinspect your mattress for any errors (and rectify if any). Then we share detailed documentation about the service done with you. 

Emergency & Same Day Mattress Cleaning Service Providers in Benowa

We believe that no customer should live with a dirty mattress, and therefore, we offer same day and emergency mattress cleaning services. We can reach your place within an hour or so of appointing us. Our experts are readily available to guide you with swift mattress cleaning service. So, without hesitation, reach out to us for all your mattress cleaning needs in Benowa. Also, we do not charge extra for same-day or emergency Mattress Cleaning Benowa services. 

Benefits of Hiring us For Mattress Cleaning Needs

To keep your mattress brand new and fresh, we suggest you call for regular cleaning services. The most-liked feature of our customers about us is our affordable mattress cleaning Benowa price. Have a look at our other key specialities below: 

  • All our mattress cleaners are fully certified, trained and friendly. 
  • We can give you a customised mattress cleaning service. 
  • Our cleaning solutions are both safe for pets and humans. 
  • We offer rapid services with quick results. 
  • Easy payments, we accept both cash and credit. 


Q. How often do I need mattress cleaning?

Our professional cleaners suggest getting your mattresses deep cleaned every 6 months is ideal to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Q. How can I schedule a booking with you for same day mattress cleaning?

You can simply dial us at our toll-free number, or else fill out the form online. You can also avail instant quotes over the phone.

Q. Can I get mattress stain removal treatment on a weekend in Benowa?

Yes, of course. We offer mattress stain treatments all week long, including weekends in Benowa.